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The Vibe Team

When you love what you do, it doesn't seem much like work. At Vibe, we love what we do…a lot. In fact, if we didn't have mortgages, bills and kids to feed we would probably do this stuff for free. We are passionate about telling our clients' stories and we do it with high energy and high expectations. When our clients shine, we shine. And we really, really like shiny things.

Lori Worth – President, Visionary + PR Champion

Lori Worth and "live wire" share the same "L.W." Coincidence? We think not. She's the epitome of a "people-person" whose enthusiasm is infectious and expertise is without question. Her background spans a 20-year track record in developing culture, driving grassroots initiatives and orchestrating successful PR, marketing and branding campaigns for small to multimillion-dollar organizations. Poised under pressure and ever-mindful of brand perceptions, Lori is a trusted brand advocate for clients, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight.

Carol Sours – Vice President, Strategist + Message Mixologist

Identifying the right perspective; pinpointing the right words; targeting the right outlets – all key ingredients in crafting a high-impact PR campaign. While she can't cook to save her life, Carol is passionate about getting the mix just right when it comes to culture, brand and PR. She's honed her PR acumen with over 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, public relations, media relations, and copywriting. Whether it's brand bravado or damage control that's in short order, Carol is quick on her feet to take a 360-degree view and whip up messaging that tells a positive, compelling story.

Bekah Rogers – Project Director, Perfectionist + Production Powerhouse

Dot your I's, cross your T's, and mind your P's and Q's; Bekah's got these covered along with all the other details that may seem slight, but in the PR world, can make or break a campaign. With an MA in Mass Communications, BS in Broadcast Media, and a strong background in TV/video production, Bekah has a trained eye and ear for perfecting the finer points of clients' presentations. She sets the bar high and will most likely raise it when you're not looking. Good for clients, but it does take the challenge out of our office limbo competitions.

Michele Clemons – Business Manager Fan-alyst + Investigative Reporter

Data, numbers, stats - all details that get Michele excited. No, we're not kidding. She loves to curl up with a good spreadsheet. Getting to the nitty gritty to reveal real results is where she shines. Michele leverages a solid background in market research and analysis with top-notch planning and media relations expertise to execute campaigns that not only deliver measurable results, but give everyone warm fuzzies.

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